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About Us


Scholarship Center was founded by two young Palestinians to support/contribute in transferring knowledge/skills to all Palestinians and urge their personal improvement/development. The Center started in 2009 as information website www.scholarship.ps, aiming to guide Palestinians searching for scholarships, fellowships, internships, and jobs. It was the first of its kind back then. Later on, we transferred the website to an educational center, registered in Ministry of National Economy as a private company in 2010. We have received two licenses; from Ministry of Education and Ministry of Labor.

The Center’s profile is growing in providing its services; adding new topics in training, dealing with national/ international trainers, e.g. hosting Motivational Speaker “Owen Fitzpartrich” in 2015 for the first time in Palestine, organizing summer camps, and organizing Ramallah Mentoring Walk 2017,2018 and 2019

Our Philosophy is contributing in educating Palestinians through innovative way and by increasing their opportunities through the knowledge/skills we provide in main services: educational, training, special needs and job’s networking.

Scholarship Center was a member of the establishing committee of Palestinian Trainers Association 2015, And the center’s manager was the vice president of the association in 2016, and a board member in 2017


The most successful stories at the center, that’s more 15 Palestinians, got Scholarships through us. More than 650 foreigners learn Arabic at Scholarship Center. Our beneficiaries from different sectors, Local and national institutions and areas, some People came from Gaza Strip to our Center we have dealt with more than 45 institutions, we provided more than 48 customized courses and workshops for institutions, we start with Italian language course in 2014 and now have eleven levels.